While it’s true that a shipping container’s main function is to store and transport goods, there are plenty of other uses that they can accommodate – with a little help of course. Whether you’re just looking to maximize the storage space within them or are looking to build something completely new, chances are that you’ll need to look at purchasing some accessories for your container.

In this article, we’ll walk through our list of the best shipping container accessories for sale that can help you secure, customize, and maximize the potential of your container.

Top 10 Shipping Container Accessories (In No Particular Order)

1. Lock Boxes

One of the most effective and easy-to-install accessories for your shipping container is a lock box. Depending on the model you choose, most lockboxes can be bolted onto the container and will help keep your lock hidden from bolt cutters and keep potential thieves out. No matter what you’re planning to do with your container, we highly recommend purchasing a lock box to keep your things or project secure.

2. Twist Locks

If you have multiple containers that you want to stack, you’ll want to invest in some twist locks. These handy accessories are placed in the corner posts of your container so that you can place another container on top and ‘twist’ them to lock it in place. These accessories will help ensure that your containers don’t shift or move once stacked together – greatly improving the safety and protecting your belongings from damage.

3. Bridge Fitting

Alternatively, when you’re looking to place your containers side by side, whether it’s to create multiple storage units or to connect them for a larger project/other reason – bridge fittings will allow you to do so safely. Much like twist locks, they connect to the corner posts on your containers and from there you can tighten them to ensure that they don’t move and maintain a consistent level.

4. Shelving

A shipping container on its own is just an empty room, to maximize the storage space within you may want to invest in some shelving units. Instead of using free-standing shelves, consider investing in a hanging shelf system that was designed specifically for shipping containers. In most cases, these shelving brackets just connect to the D-rings located across the inside of your container making them one of the simplest and easiest installs.

5. Shipping Container Doors

If you or your employees will require access to your container frequently – or you’re planning to use it for another purpose such as a mobile office, you may want to consider adding a personnel/man-door to your container. These are just standard doors that can be added anywhere along the sides of your container and are (in most cases) highly durable and made of steel for added security.

6. Shipping Container Roll-Up Door

Whether you have a workshop, need quick access to your building materials/tools or are looking to create your own mobile garage for your vehicles, a shipping container roll-up door will work for you. Often referred to as shipping container garage doors, these accessories are constructed using corrugated steel with aluminum rails to ensure that they aren’t easily damaged and will remain intact for years to come. For ease of access, there are few accessories that can compete with these.

7. Shipping Container Windows

If you’re planning to use your container as a home, office, workshop, or any other purpose where you’ll be inside for extended periods of time – a shipping container window is a great choice to let in a little air and light. In most cases they can be bolted on to the container wall once a hole has been cut, making the installation pretty simple (no welding required).

8. High-Security Disc Locks

In addition to purchasing a lock box, we also recommend investing in a high-security lock in case thieves find a way through the lockbox. Disc locks have a unique design that covers and protects much of the shackle – making them very resistant and inaccessible to bolt-cutters and saws. When you couple these with a lock box – they’re almost the perfect anti-theft solution.

9. Divider Walls

Depending on your needs or reason for modifying your container, a divider wall can help separate the space within the container so that you can create 2 (or more) separate spaces. These are commonly used when creating storage lockers, self-storage units, or other purposes where you want to separate the contents for 2 different uses/people.

10. Vents

When preparing your container for longevity, vents are extremely important as they allow the excess moisture in the air to escape from the inside of the container. This will help reduce the risk of mold, rust, and even pests from forming or being attracted to the container. Much like the other accessories, these are often sold as bolt-on units making the installation process quite simple.

Where To Buy a Shipping Container

If you’re looking to purchase a container for your next project or storage needs, we can help! At Van Isle Containers, we’ve been selling shipping containers and sea cans to our residential and commercial customers on Vancouver Island since the 1980s! Check out our selection of shipping containers for sale here.

Modifying Your Container

At Van Isle Containers, we can custom-build or modify shipping containers to suit your commercial or residential needs with any accessories that you need. From custom-built offices, restaurants, pop-up shops, and even emergency preparedness containers, we’ve got you and your things covered. Give us a call or send us a message to learn more about our modification services.