Are you contemplating your next move with dread? Does the idea of navigating Victoria’s narrow streets in a box truck make your stomach turn? Or maybe you’re comparing moving company rates with horror. Do not fear – Van Isle Containers are here to help you move with shipping containers.

Moving doesn’t have to be intimidating. At Van Isle Containers, we’re committed to simplifying storage and moving across Vancouver Island.

One of the most convenient ways of moving, whether it’s down the street or way up island, is by using shipping containers. These containers, also called sea cans or portable storage containers, offer a hassle-free moving experience by allowing you to pack and unpack at your own pace, eliminating the need for costly movers or the stress of navigating a rental truck through city streets.

Despite their advantages, there are several myths surrounding the process of moving with portable storage containers. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions about using portable storage containers for moving, and discover why they’re an excellent choice for Vancouver Island residents.

Myth: Shipping Containers Cost More

Reality: Some might think that using portable storage containers for moving is expensive. However, that’s not the case. At Van Isle Containers, we offer clear pricing without hidden fees, making it a budget-friendly option compared to traditional moving methods. Say goodbye to worrying about your budget and hello to an affordable and hassle-free move.

Myth: They are Only for Long-Distance Moves

Reality: It’s a common misconception that portable storage containers are only used for long-distance moves. In fact, they’re equally convenient for local and short-distance moves. Whether you’re moving across the city or just down the street, portable containers offer the same level of flexibility and convenience, making them the perfect option for all types of moves.

With Van Isle Containers, you can customize your move to fit your specific needs, no matter the distance.

Myth: Shipping Containers Sacrifice Accessibility

Reality: Some people think that using portable storage containers means limited access to their belongings during the moving process but we’re here to make moving easy.

After the container is dropped off it can stay at your location for as long as you’d like it there. That means that if you’re staging your home or want to declutter and pack over a longer period your belongings are right outside. Then when you’re ready for delivery – we’ll deliver it where you need It, when you need it. We do all the heavy lifting (and back road navigating).

Myth: They Aren’t Safe

Reality: Security is a top priority when it comes to moving. Shipping containers are designed with security in mind, made from durable steel and constructed to withstand the elements, insects and rodents, shipping containers are securely lockable to protect your belongings.

Myth: Shipping Containers are Complicated

Some people think the process of ordering and using portable storage containers is overly complicated. But at Van Isle Containers, it’s straightforward. Our friendly team will set up your order then we deliver the container to you, so you can pack at your own pace. Then we handle transportation for you. Our experienced drivers take care of everything, making your move stress-free.

Myth: Shipping Containers Only Work for Large Homes

Reality: Whether you’re moving from a studio apartment or a sprawling mansion, our containers can accommodate homes of all sizes. Our rental containers are 8 feet high, 8 feet wide and 20 feet long. If you have extra room in the container when you’re all packed up, we recommend using straps to keep everything secure.

Myth: Shipping Containers are Inconvenient for Packing

Reality: Packing can be a daunting task but using shipping containers for moving makes packing a breeze. The containers are delivered directly to your doorstep, allowing you to pack at your own pace without the pressure of strict timelines. We know you’re busy, so you don’t even need to be home when the container is dropped off. How’s that for easy?

Are you ready for your next move?

Using shipping containers for your next move isn’t just about convenience; it’s about simplifying the process and providing peace of mind during a potentially stressful time. With Van Isle Containers, you can pack at your own pace and leave the driving up to us. So, whatever your moving schedule looks like, portable storage containers offer a seamless transition and a safe haven for your belongings.

Ready to experience the convenience and reliability of moving with portable storage containers? Contact Van Isle Containers today to learn more about our rental rates and start your quote.