If you need a commercial storage solution, you may have noticed that there aren’t many convenient and reliable options available. Storage lockers can be too far away or your crew may frequently change locations, making it challenging to find a long-term solution. However, there’s good news – a solution has arrived in the form of shipping containers!

At many workplaces, shipping containers are becoming widely used for various purposes. These containers are highly versatile and are used as mobile offices, portable break rooms, movable workshops, and for on-site storage. If you’re not yet familiar with why shipping containers, also known as sea cans, are so popular in the commercial industry, we’ll outline some of their key advantages at job sites.

1. Easily Accessible On-Site Storage

One of the main, and most obvious benefits of using a shipping container or sea can at your construction site is for easily accessible, on-site storage. Shipping containers are versatile storage solutions that are designed to be easily moved and come in various sizes, including standard height or high cube with lengths from 8ft to 40 ft, and more. They feature full swing out doors or roll-up garage doors and are placed just 2″ above the ground for easy access to your materials, tools, and equipment.

2. Durability & Protection from the Weather

Shipping containers, also known as sea cans, are highly durable due to their steel construction. They are ideal for use at construction or job sites where heavy machinery and power tools are frequently used. These containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and are meant to safely transport cargo overseas in all types of weather. They can easily withstand any weather conditions that Canada may experience.

3. Security

As stated above, shipping containers are built with heavy-duty steel and are made to withstand all kinds of conditions. Because of this, these containers make excellent storage spaces for your valuable equipment and tools when you leave your work site for the day. With a sturdy steel exterior the only way in is through the doors. To keep these entry points safe, some containers come with anti-theft lockboxes or can be modified to include them. These lockboxes prevent would-be thieves from using bolt cutters to break your lock and steal your belongings.

4. Portability

As their name implies, shipping containers are made to be moved around, often on cargo ships travelling the world which means that they are built to be both versatile and portable. In the construction and other commercial industries, shipping containers are often used as a portable storage solution that can be easily transported from one job site to another. Due to their cost-effectiveness (compared to frequent rentals and trips to storage facilities), they have become increasingly popular in this field.

5. Customizability & Modifications

Modifying shipping containers has become increasingly popular in recent times, mainly due to the “Tiny Homes” trend. These containers can be customized according to various needs and preferences, providing endless possibilities of use. The transformation options are limitless, ranging from turning them into swimming pools to fully-functional restaurants. The modifications you choose for your container will primarily depend on your specific requirements and preferences. Nonetheless, in the commercial industry, some common modifications are frequently utilized to enhance the container’s functionality and utility. Here are a few of the most popular:

Portable Office Containers

One of the most common modifications in this industry is converting a shipping container into an office. By adding a man-door, windows, vents, and even electrical components, you can easily convert a dark metal container into a warm, inviting and secure office! We have lots of experience in modifying containers to suit your portable container office needs. You can see some of our past projects on our featured projects page.

Portable Workshops

Whether you’re working at a residential job site or just need some extra space at your commercial job site to use stationary equipment or other essential functions such as welding. A portable workshop may be a good investment for your company. The best part about using a shipping container as a workshop is that it’s also a secure place to leave your tools and equipment overnight! You’ll no longer need to worry about spending time collecting your equipment, inventorying it, and locking it up each day.

Mobile Break Rooms

Just like an office container, you can modify your sea can to perform other functions. They can serve as a relaxing break room or lunch room for your crew. You can easily add windows, walls, flooring, doors, and other readily available accessories. This will ensure that you and your crew have a nice place out of the sun, rain, or snow, to relax while they’re on break.

Purchasing a Shipping Container

Now that we’ve covered some of the many benefits of using a shipping container for your construction site storage or job site storage, we can explore the best way to purchase a shipping container. Luckily you’re in the right place!

At Van Isle Containers we specialize in the sale, rental, and modification of shipping containers and sea cans in Canada. With shipping containers available to rent and both new and used shipping containers for sale, we have just what you need for your unique storage or job site needs. We also sell pre-made shipping container offices and accessories. If you have any questions about our shipping containers, dimensions, delivery, etc., check out our FAQ or give us a call! We’re always happy to help!